Evolutionary Christianity in Conversation

Brian Mclaren, Steve Mcintosh, Bruce Sanguin, Morgan Mckenna, and Ross Hostetter sat down and had a conversation about ‘evolutionary Christianity,’ a developing theological worldview popularized by contemporary authors like Ken Wilber. Bruce Sanguin is a spiritual teacher and founder of Home for Evolving MysticsSteve McIntosh is an integral philosopher and author of Evolution’s Purpose, who I had the pleasure to meet in person and podcast with.

On that note, don’t forget to check out Michael Dowd’s work over on Evolutionary Christianity.

2 thoughts on “Evolutionary Christianity in Conversation

  1. Here is another way to view evolutionary Christianity:

    Rather than uniting with God, “theosis” is evolving to Godhood

    Uniting with God or the Father Within can be experienced in the Involuntary Inward Path while one is still human, whereas to reach real Godhood we must evolve many species beyond human beings to the zenith of evolution in the cosmos, which is the sacred task of the Evolutionary Outward Path. These Paths are called the Twofold Path in the Evolutionary Christian Church.

    The Inward Path toward experiencing the God Within, as sought in the revealed religions, requires blocking or non-attachment to all the desires and instincts of life. The Outward Path is the refining and evolving of the desires and instincts of life all the way to the highest consciousness, intelligence, and the supermaterial zenith of material life. Evolution, not devolution, is the process we undergo to become advanced enough to reach the intense brilliance and power of Godhood.

    The fault is not in religion but in reducing serious religion to the Inward Path of material blockade, while seeing the Outward Path to real Godhood as sinful or evil, rather than as the sacred path of evolution to divine life.

    This vision of theosis brings real life to religion, while retaining past traditions. Nonreligious people should realize that the God Within is a real experience felt by many generations of saints and sages across the world, but it is the symbolic-experience of real Godhood reached by material and supermaterial evolution. The God Within is not a perversion of the Godhood reached by evolution, it is a first preliminary experience of the power and beauty of real Godhood.


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